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My Approach

You may be looking for a counsellor because of anxiety, or a feeling of not being able to cope, a feeling of being misunderstood or that you are losing yourself.

You may be suffering from past trauma or from bereavement or loss. You may be unaware if there is anything the matter, but you may just want to talk things through.

There are many reasons to see a counsellor but whatever has drawn you to this page matters, because it matters to you.

You want to get past whatever is blocking you from moving forwards to a better place.

I am a qualified, integrative counsellor, which means I take from different therapeutic approaches and tailor them to your needs. I am also person centred, which means my therapy is all about you and your needs. I also believe in a holistic approach looking at mind and body whatever that looks like to you.

Whatever you bring, you will be heard, respected, supported and encouraged to come to a place of restoration and health.

I offer a safe place, someone to trust, where you will not be judged, but will be encouraged to flourish and grow.

I work Face to Face in Lydd, Kent and I provide counselling online.

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