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Just to Talk.

Sometimes, we just need to talk. There may not be a big thing to sort or an obstacle to move. but there is still a desire to talk things over, to work matters out and to feel more at peace. This is a place to sit, to talk and to process.

Children and Young People.

Is your child finding life difficult? Have you noticed a change in them? Then maybe talking to a trained counsellor will help. Are you a young person who feels misunderstood, anxious or just needing to talk about issues that you find hard to come to terms with? Maybe counselling is for you.

Stuck in life.

Do you feel you have become stuck in life? That your life should have gone a different direction? That you don't know how to move forward? Maybe talking it through with a trained counsellor will help you?

Too Many Choices.

Are you overwhelmed by what faces you? Do you have choices that are just too hard to make? Are you anxious of doing the wrong thing? Then maybe talking these choices through with a trained counsellor is just right for you.

Change in circumstances.

Has there been a major change or disruption in your life? Have your children left home? Has there been a relationship change that has rocked you to the core? Have there been circumstances out of your control that have forced unwanted change on you? Maybe talking it through with a trained counsellor will help you to find a way through this.

Health and Mental Health.

Do you have a health condition that makes you feel trapped and sad? Do you have mental health conditions that make life hard and you do not know how to go forward? Counselling maybe right for you.


Have you experienced panic attacks recently? Do you find you are too anxious to leave the house or enter certain situations? Do you feel anxiety is controlling your life and you are missing out on what you want to do? Maybe a trained counsellor could help.


Do you find that your moods are hard to navigate? Is their a weight pressing down on you that you can't seem to get rid of? Do you find it hard to get out of bed and face the simplest tasks some days? Talking it through with a trained counsellor could help.

Bereavement and grief.

Have you suffered a loss recently that you cannot come to terms with? Have you lost somebody dear to you? Have you left a life behind that will not stay in the past? Are you grieving for a promise not realised or a life that has not materialised? All of these could be grief and you could be experiencing bereavement. Whatever your loss is, talking about it will help. Contact me and we can arrange a time to talk.

Trauma/ PSTD.

Have you experienced something traumatic that has changed you? Do you struggle to move on from this? Do you find your thoughts and dreams are tangled in the trauma still? Do you find you are triggered regularly to bring all the feelings back? Talk to me, a trained counsellor to find a way through this.


Do you have a habit you cannot kick that is getting you down? Are you finding it hard to cope with life because the habit has control of you? Counselling can help you, so contact me and we can find a time to talk.


Do you find anger hard to control? Are you nervous about certain situations as you know this will trigger the anger within you? Do you want to be more in control of this emotion? Would you like to find the root of anger in you? Contact me, a trained counsellor to arrange a time to chat.

Regret and Sorrow.

Is there a huge regret in your life? Does this regret make you sad? Do you find you have deep sorrow over something that has or hasn't happened? Talk it over with me, a trained counsellor, to find a way through it.


Have you lost sight of who you are? Do you struggle to know how you fit in or where you belong? Do you feel lost or broken and no longer the person you once were or the person you would want to be? Counselling could be just right for you so contact me if you would like to chat it through.

Numbness and lack of feeling.

Have you cut yourself off from all emotion and feeling? Do you find feelings hard to connect with? Do you feel numb and not part of what is going on about you? Come and talk to me about it to find a way to be who you want to be.


Do you feel bitter about where you are now? Do you wish things had turned out differently? Do you find yourself always looking backwards so that all joy is being sucked out of your life? If you do, come and talk to me, a trained counsellor, to find a way of life you are happier in.


Do you have a broken relationship? Do you find yourself in the middle of toxic relationships? Are you struggling with relationships you have? Friends? Families? Partners? Talking this through with a trained counsellor would help you. Contact me so we can make an appointment to meet.


Do you feel worthless? Do you feel you have no right to a good life? Do you think you get what you deserve? If you do, contact me. We can work on you becoming who you would like to be.


Are you held back by guilt? Is there something that you cannot shake off and the guilt is too much? Do you want to put guilt behind you and move on? If guilt is holding you back, then contact me and we can arrange a time to talk.


Are you gripped in the hold of a phobia? Does it seem to influence everything you do? Do you find you are fearful of just doing life? Come and talk about it and rebalance your life, so that the power from the phobia is lessoned or disappears altogether .


Are you trapped by rituals and habits? Do you find yourself living within a set of rules that you have set for yourself to keep you safe? Is your life anxious and and scary? Come and talk to help make life more manageable again and free.


Are you a student training to become a Therapist yourself? Or are you a student finding life particularly tough at the moment. I love working with students and I charge a special rate of £25 for each session. If you want to become more authentically you, and feel you'd like a little help to do so, then please get in touch.

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