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Kind Counselling

About Me

People matter to me. I love to see people thrive and do well and I love how unique and wonderful we all are. Sometimes, we all get stuck and find life hard. My passion in life is to see people restored, to be more who they want to be.

I think my gift is to enable people to find themselves, to find a way through darkness and hurt. Nothing is too big or too small that it cannot be overcome.

I am always kind, empathetic and supportive and I build on trust in a warm and gentle manner. I believe in treating people with acceptance and respect as this is how we deserve to be treated. I believe that we all need hope and I want to see hope come back into each of my clients' lives, however that looks for them.

It is a privilege to be entrusted with people's lives and the challenges that they face, and it is a joy when a person comes through their journey and feels stronger and more in control than they did before.

A Warm Welcome

 My name is Becky and I run Kind Counselling, based in Lydd Kent.

I am a qualified, integrative counsellor, which means I take from different therapeutic approaches and tailor them to your needs. I am also person centred, which means my therapy is all about you and your needs. I also believe in a holistic approach looking at mind and body whatever that looks like  to you.

Experience with...

At Kind Counselling, we believe in providing resources to help you on your journey towards healing and growth. Below are some resources that we recommend.








Anger Management



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